BTS’s Jimin Is About To Make It Snow In Seoul In The Middle Of October

Everything is possible, in the name of Jimin.

In celebration of BTS Jimin‘s upcoming birthday on October 13, 2019, his Chinese fan club “JIMINBAR” has planned an extravagant party that will be unforgettable for Jimin and ARMYs alike!


Stemming from the idea that Jimin likes to see the snow fall, JIMINBAR will be bringing the first snow to the metropolitan area of Gangnam, Seoul in the middle of October. The artificial snow will fall all day on October 13, 2019, to congratulate Jimin on his birthday.


The fan club also pointed out that there will be a wishing tree and an air balloon birthday cake to create the full “winter wonderland” effect. JIMINBAR commented, “The whole Gangnam Square will become a fantasy white realm just like those in fairy tales.”


Many ARMYs remain at awe by the pure size of the birthday party being put together, and the words “JIMINBAR Scale” briefly trended at #19 on Twitter in Korea. JIMINBAR shared that this large-scale event is meant to be an aesthetic and romantic experience, perhaps like Jimin’s voice and dance moves are.

For the sake of this annual festival for fans, we always seek for creativity and amazement… This is an experience where aesthetics [intertwine] with support.



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