A Male Stage Designer Considered Leaving His Girlfriend for BTS’s Jimin

“I’m now confused about my sexual orientation.”

In recent days, a post about what happened to a stage designer’s feelings following Jimin‘s performance at the 2018 KBS Song Festival has been spreading all over online communities.

The post consists of chat logs between a male stage designer and his female friend in which the male stage designer asked, “Noona, you’re a BTS fan, right? Please send me photos and videos of Jimin. I want it all.

When she asked, “All of a sudden?” he explained the reason by adding, “On Thursday’s KBS… I fell in love… I’m now confused about my sexual orientation. Jimin looked like a black rose” and expressed his desire to replay Jimin’s “Serendipity” over and over again.

It appears from the chat logs that he fell in love with Jimin after seeing him perform when he was working overtime on the stage design team.

He even joked, “I’m going to break up with my girlfriend. I think I might be gay” to which his female friend replied, “Hahahaha. Jimin’s not going to date you. Why would you break up with your girlfriend? Wash up and go to bed.

In response, the male stage designer added, “I can’t believe I got rejected before I even confessed my feelings. His face, dancing, and voice are all so sexy… I’d be the fan he’s holding if I could.

Check out the two performances of Jimin that even won over the heart of a taken man below:


Source: Insight