BTS’s Jimin Melts Fans’ Hearts With The Sweetest Words On Weverse

What a sweetheart.

BTS’s Jimin dropped by Weverse and dropped a message, comments, and a photo for fans! On November 11 KST, which is also Peppero Day in Korea, Jimin stopped by the fan community platform and surprised ARMYs.

| BTS/Weverse

He left a message for fans that read, “You all did great today.”

| BTS/Weverse

He even left comments on fans’ posts and proved once again what a sweetheart he is!

| BTS/Weverse

Fan: I want your comment. I wish a miracle could happen.

Jimin: Miracles can happen.


| BTS/Weverse

Fan: Oppa I can buy you 1,013 Pepperos.

Jimin: I’ll just take your heart. Thank you.


| BTS/Weverse

Fan: Park Jimin. I miss you.

Jimin: I’m here.


| BTS/Weverse

Fan: Oppa, I love you.

Jimin: I love you too.


His sweet words had fans swooning left and right, proving once again just how kind and genuine he is to his fans. Fans are patiently waiting for Jimin’s next visit to the platform!


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