Here’s How BTS’s Jimin Gets His Members’ Attention On Their Group Chat When They Have Yet To Submit Their Work

Jimin doesn’t tolerate late submissions 😂

BTS‘s Jimin was project manager for their album BE, which meant he was responsible for collecting his members’ work and sending them to the company.

In a past interview with Weverse Magazine, Jimin’s role as project manager was brought up. He was asked how he gathered and organized his members’ ideas.

As the project manager for BE, how did you go about gathering and organizing all the members’ ideas?

— Weverse Magazine

Jimin revealed that his main task was to oversee the work of his members by asking for their opinions and relaying them to the company.

I became the project manager because Yoongi recommended I do it, but I didn’t think I had to lead anything along, more just make sure the other members could do their work quickly and easily. Usually that meant asking about their opinions, or passing opinions back and forth with our company.

— Jimin

After collecting and organizing the ideas, he would ask for their input and pass it along to the company. He would also send their songs over.

So I would collect ideas, organize them, say, ‘These are some of the ideas we got back. What do you think?’—ask them again, if they said okay, pass it on to the company, and if they made a song, I sent that over, too.

— Jimin

Hearing how he was in charge of collecting, he was asked what he did when they were taking too long to give their work to him.

How did you prod along the members who were taking too long with their ideas? (laughs)

— Weverse Magazine

Jimin then shared his preferred method—calling them out on the group chat! He would type their name and tag them, then they would be notified that he sent a message for them. Luckily, that’s all it took to receive a reply.

I would mention them by name in our group chat, and that got them to reply. (laughs)

— Jimin

The other members would hilariously support him and playfully urge the member in question to give their work to him.

Any time I said someone or other didn’t submit their idea yet, all the others would chime in with, ‘Hurry up, guys!’ and then they’d give it to me.

— Jimin

Jimin definitely did a wonderful job as project manager!

Source: Weverse Magazine