BTS Jimin’s Instagram Handle Might Not Mean What You Think It Does

J-Hope originated it!

When BTS‘s Jimin joined Instagram along with the rest of the members in early December 2021, he kept things simple.


He chose the handle @j.m! And, he made things official by making his first post a picture of himself looking dapper AF. His choice of caption was simply the hashtag #JIMIN.

If you assumed based on these few facts that his Instagram handle was just short for his name “Ji-Min,” well… You certainly wouldn’t be alone. A lot of us did.

Screenshot on January 20, 2022. | @j.m/Instagram

However, we may have been mistaken.

In a resurfaced clip from an ARMY (@wylud on TikTok), it seems that there’s a much deeper meaning behind this selected Instagram handle. Not only that, but he had it picked out years before.


In 2018, during the “BTS Comeback Preview show” in Los Angeles, California, for the group’s album Love Yourself: Tear, Jimin revealed something about himself.


During the live broadcast, the members asked him about his hobby of polaroid photography. While many know that J-Hope loves Polaroid photography and frequently updates his Instagram with this aesthetic, Jimin also likes it.

Jimin shared that he bought a Polaroid camera in 2017. Since then, he’s been taking pictures and collecting them.

I bought a Polaroid camera early last year. I’ve been collecting pictures. I have a book of big ones, and 3 books of mini photos. I’ve collected a lot of pictures.

— Jimin


The members suggested that the photographer needs a “concept.” So, this began a brainstorm of what Jimin’s photo studio be called.

RM: You should come up with your own concept. Like “Jimin’s Closet.”

Jungkook: That’s mine.

The leader’s first idea was too similar to the maknae‘s “Golden Closet.” So, RM and Jin suggested the alternative “Jimin’s Polaroid.”


Finally, J-Hope had a brilliant idea. In English, he recommended “Jimin’s Memory.” And “JM” for short. That was the final and most popular idea, and with that, Jimin made a promise.

I’ll reveal the picture, if I have a chance.

— Jimin


So, it seems that the “@j.m” also means “Jimin’s Memory!” Considering Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app, it makes perfect sense!

We just hope that we’ll see more of Jimin’s beautiful Polaroid collection soon.

Watch the full video below:

Source: @wylud, BTS and @j.m