Jimin Shares How He’s Changed The Way He Handles His Mistakes

Jimin revealed how he deals with on-stage mistakes in 2019.

BTS‘s Jimin works tirelessly to give top-level performances, but even pros can make mistakes sometimes.


In the past, the smallest error was enough to ruin an entire performance for Jimin. During The Wings tour in 2017, his voice cracked twice during a rehearsal and his mic fell off.


The staff tried to reassure him, but he continued to stress over his mistakes.


Fast forward to 2019. In a recent live broadcast with RM, Jimin compared his past and present mindsets. In the past, he would break down over his mistakes…


…to the point where his members had to tiptoe around him.


Although mistakes still make Jimin feel bad, he no longer dwells on them as much. Now, he encourages himself by telling himself that he’ll do better next time.