BTS Jimin’s Must-Watch List: A Look At The K-Dramas He’s Been Binging

Jimin’s been keeping up with the latest hits!

After being named Dior‘s newest global ambassador, BTS‘s Jimin recently took over the fashion world at Paris Fashion Week.

Ahead of his Paris Fashion Week debut, he graced the cover of W Korea, decked in Dior as he was featured throughout the coveted fashion magazine’s pages.

BTS’s Jimin for “W Korea” | @j.m/Instagram

While on-set for his photoshoot, BTS’s Jimin filled ARMYs in on what he’s been up to. Since BTS’s announced they would be shifting focus to their individual activities while the members fulfill their mandatory military service, Jimin has been hard at work on his upcoming solo album.

So far, BTS’s Jin, J-Hope, and RM have kicked off BTS’s solo releases, with each releasing works that have their own unique charm, showcasing their individual talents.

(From left to right) BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, and RM

Jimin gave W Korea a hint about what to expect from his solo debut album, sharing that it’s an expression of his experiences over the last two years.

It’s just an album that retraces the emotions and thoughts I felt during the past two years. An album where I look back on myself? It would be nice if you thought so…

— Jimin

In his free time, he catches up on movies and the latest K-Dramas, like many fans. If you’re looking for the next show to start, Jimin has a few you can add to your watchlist.

| @j.m/Instagram

Jimin recently finished watching Reborn Rich, which he began as the K-Drama’s craze was growing. The popular series starring actor Song Joong Ki hit an all-time high for viewer ratings during the show’s 14th episode, reaching 24.9% in viewership all over the country.

“Reborn Rich” poster

He’s currently watching the new K-Drama Big Bet, which is available on Disney+ and Hulu in select regions.

The drama follows the main character, who builds a thriving casino business in the Phillipines before being framed for a murder.

“Big Bet” promotional poster

Finally, Jimin named his all-time favorite movie, the 2004 Hollywood romance movie The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

While it’s not a new recommendation from the BTS member, it’s certainly a classic.

“The Notebook” promotional poster

While waiting for Jimin’s solo album, ARMYs now have a list of things to watch to pass the time.

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Source: W Korea


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