One of the BTS Members Was Spotted Napping in the Middle of a “BigHit” Group Picture

Who could blame him?

Recently, singer Lee Hyun uploaded a post on his official Twitter account with the caption, “I visited MBC in Sangam in order to reminisce good old memories.


The post also included a photo which was a big group photo taken of BTS and TXT members.

BTS were wearing matching pink outfits ahead of their upcoming performance and posed in a cute and loving way with their juniors, TXT.

But it turned out that one of the members was actually photographed without permission because Jimin was spotted sleeping soundly in the middle of the group photo.

In the photo, Jimin can be seen leaning on Lee Hyun’s shoulder and taking a nice nap.

It appears that Jimin was exhausted from his very busy schedule as a member of “world-class” BTS, and it’s really not surprising seeing how active they’ve been with their comeback.


Source: Dispatch