BTS Jimin Revealed His #1 Phone Contact, And It’s Not Anyone You’d Expect

It’s not any of the members.

Idols’ phones are a mystery to fans, so there’s no knowing who they call outside of their family and group members…usually.


During a 2017 episode of the New Yang Nam Show, Jimin was asked to name his number one contact under the letter “T” after Jin’s was revealed to be the “Thai Healing Center”.


Before Jimin could answer though, the BTS members tried to guess. Jungkook guessed what most fans were probably thinking: “Taetae”…


…which is short for V‘s real name, Taehyung.


Like viewers, V seemed a little surprised that he wasn’t topping Jimin’s “T’s”.


BTS and host Jang Do Yeon made a couple wild guesses…


…before Jimin gave this hint.


Jin immediately guessed the correct answer: V’s father!


(Here he is, on the right!)


Since Mr. Kim is Jimin’s #1 “T”, Eric Nam asked Jimin if he contacts him regularly. Jimin’s reaction made everyone burst out laughing.


Jimin might think that contacting Mr. Kim is weird, but it can’t be any weirder than Jin’s victory dance!


FYI, Jin lost points for that.


You can check out the full clip here.