BTS’s Jimin Once Made The Members Cry With His Powerful Words

BTS truly are like a family.

The BTS members are truly like a family, as their bond with each other is the most heartwarming thing.

During one of BTS’s concerts for their tour, 2016 BTS Live – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue, Jimin had a speech that got all the members emotional.

Jimin began his speech by thanking the people who helped make his dreams a reality, such as his parents, Bang Si Hyuk, his friends, etc.

The final people he thanked were the BTS members, and he named them all one by one.

Jimin couldn’t help but get a little emotional after thanking his members, as they are the people who he’s most thankful for.

After Jimin’s powerful words, the other members couldn’t contain their emotions.

Jimin continued by thanking his fellow members for helping him become the person he is today, and for being the source of his happiness.

There’s more in the full video below!