BTS’s Jimin Once Revealed Why He Felt “Deceived” By RM When They Were Trainees

Jimin was surprised by this!

BTS‘s RM is great at many things, but one thing he seems to struggle with is sports.

RM’s sport “skills” even once surprised Jimin when they were trainees!

BTS’s Jimin

In 2015, BTS were guests on KBS Cool FM Kim Seong Joo‘s Gayo Plaza, and during the show, Kim Seong Joo commented that RM looked like he would be good at sports.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube

However, as soon as Kim Seong Joo said this, the members stated that RM is actually terrible at sports.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube

Jimin then revealed that when they were trainees, he thought that RM would be good at sports since RM talked about how he played basketball at school.

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However, Jimin was in for a surprise when RM started teaching him how to shoot a basketball. RM told Jimin that he should shoot a basketball with two hands, which isn’t the best way to shoot a basketball.

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After listening to Jimin’s story, RM refuted Jimin’s claims.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube

Suga then added that the members have played basketball together a few times before and that RM was really bad during these games.

| Old Peppy Grace/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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