BTS’s Jimin Once Scolded His Younger Brother, But It Backfired Almost Immediately

Jimin was just trying to be a good brother.

BTS Jimin‘s love for his younger brother is truly a heartwarming thing.

However, there was one instance where Jimin scolded his younger brother, but it ended up backfiring almost immediately.

During a live broadcast, Jimin shared that he used to tell his brother that he should start preparing himself for the future, as he wanted his brother to have a career at a young age.

The reason behind this is that Jimin is someone who started preparing for his career at a young age, as he started having dreams of becoming a singer from the second grade.

Initially, people didn’t take Jimin seriously, as he was so young at the time.

However, people started taking him seriously when he continued talking about his goals of becoming a singer as he got older. His parents saw how passionate he was about becoming a singer, so they allowed Jimin to become a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment.

Jimin also wanted his brother to have success from an early age, so he used to scold him, telling him that he should be thinking about his future.

However, once Jimin told this story to his friends, he got scolded by them for putting pressure on his younger brother.

His friends told him that it was wrong of him to scold his brother, especially since he was so young.

The BTS members also told Jimin what he did was wrong, which led to Jimin apologizing to his younger brother for his actions. He also encouraged his younger brother to do what he wanted and that he wasn’t going to pressure him.

Here’s the full video below!