BTS’s Jimin Wasn’t About To Let “Papa Mochi” Style His Members

Leave the styling to the pros!

BTS has a team of highly trained, fashion-savvy stylists to look after them, but every so often the members become stylists themselves!

BTS’s Jimin with a member of BTS’s staff.

Such was the case on The Late Late Show. Here, BTS participated in host James Corden’s “Crosswalk Concert,” a segment where artists perform in the middle of the street. When the light turned red, BTS raced onto a crosswalk…


…to perform “Butter,” “Permission to Dance”…

…and “Dynamite.”

Back in 2020, James Corden earned the nickname “Papa Mochi” from the original Mochi, Jimin, during “Carpool Karaoke.”

James Corden joked with his “son” at BTS’s “Crosswalk Concert” by hyping Jimin up…

Jimin and James Corden (behind).

…and piggybacking him to the curb after “Butter” ended.

Before “Permission to Dance,” James Corden played stylist by flipping up the collars on and Jimin’s denim jackets.

V didn’t seem to mind the look (he flipped up Jin‘s collar to match), but Jimin? He wasn’t feeling it! With a playful shake of his head, Jimin got to work fixing the fashion faux pas, re-styling V, Jin, and Jungkook.

Next time leave the styling to the pros, Papa Mochi! Watch BTS’s “Crosswalk Concert” here.