BTS’s Jimin Spills On Whether He Plans To Make Solo YouTube Content

A series featuring Jimin would be an instant hit.

Since BTS‘s Suga‘s YouTube series Suchwita has become a hit among viewers, fans wondered if other members of the group were planning to do their own segments. Jimin addressed the matter.

Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Behind the scenes of Jimin’s feature in W Korea magazine, the outlet asked the idol if he had any plans to make his own YouTube content.

Jimin assured fans that he was open to the idea. He answered, “If there is an opportunity, I would.” However, there was one thing holding him back.

He wasn’t sure if he was well-spoken enough to be a host. Jimin explained, “I’m personally not that good at talking. I don’t have any plans so far.

Until he’s ready to take on that responsibility, Jimin is perfectly fine connecting with fans through their usual methods.

There is a channel with the fans that I have been doing. I feel comfortable doing it. I think it’s best to meet that way.

— Jimin

See Jimin leave the door open for a solo segment in the future.