BTS Pranked RM At Their Nagoya Concert, And His Face Says It All

Jimin decided to have some fun on stage by teasing BTS’s leader.

At their Nagoya concert, BTS‘s mischevious members decided to have some fun…at RM‘s expense!


On January 13, BTS performed for ARMYs on Day 2 of their LOVE YOURSELF world tour Nagoya stop. Although BTS brings their A-game to every single show, the members really show off their silly sides on the final day of each concert stop. Nagoya, was no exception.


During “Anpanman”, RM is supposed to pass “bread” to Jimin, as part of the choreography.


This time, when RM went to pass the bread, no one was there to receive it because Jimin had sneaked out of his usual position. Poor RM looked so confused!


Judging from the members’ reactions, everyone may have been in on the prank, except for RM.


Jimin was definitely the mastermind though. When he rejoined his members, he couldn’t have looked more pleased with himself!


Fans are loving the prank, and RM’s hilarious reaction.


Many suspect that Jimin got a playful scolding after the show…


…but, if so, it was worth it!


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