BTS’s Jimin Proved His Professionalism In The Most Random Way

This behind the scenes moment proves he’s a true pro.

BTS‘s Jimin is a top-level performer who handles mishaps with professionalism on stage, but also behind the scenes. Sometimes it happens in the most surprising ways!


During concerts, Jimin has skillfully dealt with everything from slips…


…and falls…


…to wardrobe malfunctions…


…and forgotten lyrics.


Jimin always handles these kinds of blunders well, even during rehearsals. At a practice for “FAKE LOVE”, Jimin’s shoe became untied, but it didn’t slow him down.


Jimin tied his shoe without missing a beat then smoothly transitioned into the dance.


This small but impressive move has ARMYs praising Jimin’s professionalism, and it’s easy to see why! Check out the whole clip here: