Experience What It Would Be Like To Hear BTS Jimin Singing Promise Live

All you need is imagination and a pair of earphones.


ARMYs have absolutely fallen in love with BTS Jimin‘s musical gift: a solo song titled “Promise”. Ever since Jimin released the song via Soundcloud, fans have been longing to hear him sing it live.

And when word got out that Jimin gave the lucky fans at the pre-recordings of Golden Disk Awards a short serenade of “Promise”, it fuelled the fans’ desires even further.

So ARMYs went and found the next best thing!

This video on YouTube allows you to experience what it would be like to hear Jimin sing “Promise” live in a quiet concert venue. While it hasn’t gotten a lot of views in comparison to other videos related to “Promise”, many fans have commented on it, showing their appreciation for this video and for Jimin’s amazing vocals.

  • It feels like he is singing only for me, awwww
  • Imagine Jin playing the guitar and Jimin singing
  • We’re not in an arena, we are in heaven

Only time will tell if Jimin will gift ARMYs with yet another present by singing “Promise” live!

Source: Polinews


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