BTS Jimin’s Pure White Serendipity vs. Chic Black Serendipity Is A Tough Choice For ARMYs

The correct choice: Both.

During BTS‘s final Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] concert in Seoul at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, member Jimin wowed ARMYs with two very different versions of his solo “Serendipity” performance.


On October 26, 2019, which was the first of the three nights, Jimin put on his “White Serendipity”. This version features Jimin looking and sounding absolutely angelic — gleaming in all white.


On the next night, October 27, 2019, Jimin performed his “Black Serendipity”. In this version, he is outdoing himself in a glitz-and-glam black outfit. He looks as ethereal in black as he does in white, but the vibe is completely different!


ARMYs are calling this his white swan…


… versus his black swan moment.


As impossible as it would have been to choose one Jimin over another…


ARMYs are super relieved that they don’t have to choose!


Both “White Serendipity” and “Black Serendipity” belong to ARMYs.


Here’s Jimin’s Black Serendipity:


And its only match, White Serendipity: