Fans Suspect That BTS’s Jimin Got A Real Tattoo, Here’s Why

He may be the first BTS member to get inked.

After months of debating, BTS fans are starting to suspect that Jimin‘s decorative, hidden body art may be the real deal.


Earlier this year, fans spotted the word “Nevermind” inked on Jimin’s upper torso. At the time, many believed it was a temporary tattoo that was referencing Jimin’s legendary, tattooed performance at 2014 MAMA. 


During the show, Jimin had a number of temporary tattoos…


…including one that said “Nevermind”.


Jimin’s 2014 “Nevermind” tattoo, in retrospect, appears to have hinted at BTS’s 2015 comeback trailer.


When the same tattoo resurfaced in 2018, fans suspected that it could be a temporary one that is hinting at a comeback that ties into BTS’s past work or performances.


With each passing month, however, fans started to suspect that the “temporary” tattoo, which can be seen through many of Jimin’s shirts, may not have anything to do with a comeback. It could instead be something Jimin had done for himself, for his own personal reasons.


Recent photos from this year’s Gayo Daechukje have all but confirmed the tattoo’s permanency. The tattoo’s reappearance and has driven fans almost as wild as Jimin’s performance! During the show, Jimin raised his shirt…


…showed off his killer abs…


…and his tattoo!


Whether or not the tattoo is real, it makes no difference to Jimin stans. They’ve expressed their support for him, no matter what he chooses to tattoo (or not tattoo) on his body.