BTS’s Jimin Reveals Why “Answer : Love Yourself” Will Always Make Him Tear Up

The song reminds him of his favorite things.

During his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin shared with his fans a sweet story about his memory of star gazing. And while talking about stars, Jimin mentioned that the fandom’s light sticks, the ARMY BOMBs, look like stars when he’s looking at them from the stage — and it’s making ARMYs seriously ugly cry.


Jimin explained, “The members got together at the end of our recent break. It was on a night with a lot of stars.” He stated looking up at the stars reminded him of the song “Answer : Love Yourself” — particularly his very own part that talks about stars.


Then he shared how, whenever he performs “Answer : Love Yourself” and sings that part, he can’t help but see stars in the audience too. Jimin pointed out that in the dark, ARMY BOMBs glisten like the stars he saw that night…

ARMY BOMBs are breathtakingly beautiful when I see them from the stage. They remind me of the stars. When the spotlight is on us… and the house is dark, but the ARMY BOMBs are lit… It’s quite a sight.

— Jimin


… and he commented, that grandiose view gives him life and meaning.

And it’s really touching. So whenever I sing my part about the stars, I can’t help but think about ARMYs. You are the stars… That part gives me the goosebumps every time I perform.

— Jimin


Jimin revealed that whenever he goes star gazing now, he hears “Answer : Love Yourself” in his head and sees ARMYs with their light sticks. It will always make him tear up, because those are all of his favorite things — stars, music, and ARMYs!

It makes me crinkle my nose because I get teary.

— Jimin


Looks like Jimin is ARMYs’ one and only star — but ARMYs have turned into his entire galaxy!


Listen to “Answer : Love Yourself” here: