BTS’s Jimin Reveals Being Barefoot Allows Him To Dance The Best

A natural born talent!

In a recent Weverse interview with BTS’s Jimin, he revealed that the attitudes he takes on for each of their English releases were different. Although it was a style he wasn’t used to, he tried hard to get comfortable with the choreography.

While practicing for these tracks, Jimin noticed that the way he moves turn out different depending on what he wears.

| @piecesofmind/Twitter

I never noticed before but the songs do sound different depending on what I’m wearing. Sometimes I danced all excitedly when I wore casual clothes, but when I wrote a suit, something about the song sounded sexy. There’s a different vibe when I dance alone versus when I dance as part of a group, so I carefully visualize how I should dress to make my dancing look cooler every time.

— Jimin

He felt that it was a combination of several factors that ultimately changed the way he moves and performs.

It think it all depends on what kind of outfit I wear, where I am for a given part, and how much I weigh. There’s a pronounced difference to the way a dance looks and feels based on how much I weigh. I think the dance and outfit were a good match in ‘Dynamite.’

— Jimin

He also revealed that dancing barefoot was the most natural and the best way for him to express himself.

| @jiminiful/Twitter

For me, it’s barefoot. I think it’s got to be barefoot when I’m doing a traditional style dance. It looks sharp and attractive when I wear dress shoes, but it always feels more natural to express myself barefoot. It’s more dynamic, I guess you could say. So I wanted to go barefoot for all my other performances, too. I wanted to be barefoot for when we recorded ‘ON’ at Seoul World Cup Stadium at the end of the year, too, but I gave that up because it could’ve been dangerous.

— Jimin

Regardless of what he wears or doesn’t wear, we all can agree that Jimin’s dancing and performance is on another level!

Source: Weverse