BTS’s Jimin Reveals What Has And Hasn’t Changed About His Personality Since His Debut

Thank goodness some things don’t ever change.

In an interview for the Japanese ARMYs, featured in the official fan club magazine, BTS‘s Jimin revealed what, over the years, has and has not changed for him — and his heartfelt answer is touching ARMY hearts.


As for what has changed for Jimin since debut in 2013…


… he claimed, unlike his rookie days, he has learned to slow down. This relieved ARMYs, who know Jimin to be relentless in his practicing and pushing limits!

I’ve become a lot more relaxed. I think it’s a good thing though. It means I’ve learned to slow down and take things easy sometimes.

— Jimin


On the other hand, Jimin also pointed out that there is one thing which has not changed all this time…


And that is his love for ARMYs!

What hasn’t changed is my love for ARMYs. That has not changed since debut and will never, ever change in the future either.

— Jimin


With that said, ARMYs became deeply moved once again by Jimin’s words. His unending love for ARMYs has been very clear since day one.

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And to hear Jimin affirm that it will never fade, ARMYs can’t ask for anything better!

Source: THEQOO