BTS’s Jimin Reveals He Doesn’t Know How To Repay All The Love He Has Received From Fans


Recently, BTS made an appearance on SBS’s Eight O’Clock News and revealed their thoughts on topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks in a row. To this, leader RM stated, “It feels like a dream. Despite our situation, we never thought that ‘Butter’ would rank number one for seven weeks straight. We joked about doing a baton touch with ‘Permission to Dance’ so we were shocked when it really happened. We are so thankful to our fans.”

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Talking about fans, Jimin expressed his sincere gratitude towards ARMYs. “Fans give us love and support without asking for something in return. Even though we are in difficult times, we are happy, but we don’t know how happy our fans are so I hope that they are happy too.” He continued, “I don’t know how to repay the fans. We exist because of the audience. My heart is heavy because I am not able to express our gratitude enough.”

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After the show, Jimin took to Twitter to post a selfie and reveal his overwhelming love for fans.

I miss you. I love you.

⁠— Jimin

Fans know just how much Jimin cares for them and all we want is for him to be happy!

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