BTS’s Jimin Reveals What He’s Lost And Gained From Being An Idol

Jimin saw the bright side through the dark times.

As an idol who’s always in the spotlight, whether it be for his stunning dancing or the group’s latest achievement, BTS‘s Jimin opened up about the things he’s lost and gained from being a worldwide star.

While watching a group of kids play soccer in Break The Silence: The Movie, it caused Jimin to think of his own life. “Even with loss, I learned a lot of things. And I’ve also gained things in the process.

He could remember how it felt to grow distant and eventually cut ties with those he called friends. “But in the beginning, I felt that I’d lost my friends—the people who see me as I truly am—as well as my freedom. That’s how I felt at first.

Around the time of BTS’s debut, Jimin wasn’t concerned about the friends he’d lost and brushed it off as what he needed to do to succeed. He soon learned that he’d been wrong.

When we debuted, I didn’t need all those things. I thought, ‘It’s okay. I don’t need them. I’ll do what I have to do.’ Those were my thoughts.

— Jimin

Without friends by his side to support him in his times of need, Jimin felt alone. “What I was doing at the time was so important that it didn’t matter if other people looked at me strangely or left my side. Then, when I got halfway, I started feeling loneliness.

It made him realize what he had been missing, gaining a newfound appreciation for those close to him. “And, that feeling of loneliness made me notice the people around me.

Despite those feelings of loss, Jimin saw the bright side of the situation. “It’s hard to definitively say that I lost something because there were things I gained in the process.” It led to new realizations.

What he’d lost only revealed what he truly had. “For instance, even if I lost friends, I learned who my real friends were and got to make new friends.

Jimin also experienced a new type of independence he didn’t have before. “It may have felt like I lost my freedom, but I’m enjoying even greater freedom.

Although those times may have been tough for him, time made Jimin see everything he’s gained. “I think I got to learn these things as I grew and matured.