BTS’s Jimin Reveals They Were Able To Make It This Far Because They Had The Same Goals

Teamwork makes the dream work!

In BTS‘s Break The Silence Episode 2: You Can Call Me Idol, member Jimin reveals the reason as to why they don’t fight and get along with each other.

With so many people curious about the key to their success, Jimin summed it up perfectly.

“We all have different personalities…”

“…and even every little detail about us is different…”

“…but regardless of all this…”

“…the reason we are able to get along is…”

“…because our final goals are the same.”

Although this may sound easy, it’s truly easier said than done. These boys have spent most of their adolescence fine-tuning their craft, working together to spread their music and message to the world!

Source: theqoo