BTS’s Jimin Reveals The Truth And Reason Behind His Crying Video

This man deserves an Oscar.

BTS‘s Jimin revealed the reason why he posted the crying video of him and some behind-the-scenes facts about it.

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On the KBS variety show Beat Coin, Jimin guested in a special 50th anniversary episode called “A Dangerous Invite.”

As the special guest, Jimin was given four forbidden actions, each with a corresponding punishment for the member who commits it.

During the fun—and very wet—game, the topic of Jimin’s recent crying video on his Instagram was brought up. Earlier this month, Jimin posted a reel that shocked ARMYs in the first three seconds of the video. It showed a Jimin with tears in his eyes as if something was terribly wrong, but the shot changed to a video of fried chicken. Then it came back to another shot of a tearful Jimin, only to be led to a video of ramen.

The video was clearly a joke, and netizens loved Jimin’s humor. He later addressed this video in a live broadcast, laughing at his own work and sharing TMIs about what each member thought about it.

On Beat Coin, Jimin shared why he made this video and how he didn’t expect it to get so much attention.

After dieting, I finally got to eat good food so I made that video. I used fake tears. It was a joke with my members, so I had no idea that it would be on the news.

— Jimin

Although he used fake tears, the feelings of wanting to cry must have been real to an extent, as it must have been difficult dieting and not being able to eat delicious food. ARMYs can see how hard he works to bring out the best version of himself, and they can see his love for his members as well. On the show, Jimin shared that his dream is to be doing BTS activities for a long time.

When asked what he thinks BTS will be doing in ten years, he replied with a witty and sweet answer.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all came out on Beat Coin?

— Jimin

Yes, we sure do—we hope to see BTS being active together for a very, very long time!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and Seoul Shinmoon