BTS Jimin And RM Opened Up On Their Difficulties Faced During Quarantine

“We shed some tears.” – RM

In a world fighting against a threat that can’t be seen but easily contracted, quarantine has been the best method to slow the spread. Since the majority of the world isn’t accustomed to being so boxed in, it’s been a difficult time for everyone—even BTS.

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While the group has released “Dynamite” in an effort to comfort fans all around the world, RM and Jimin touched on how difficult a time all of them had been having.

During their interview with Extra‘s Cheslie Kryst, the host asked the group how they’d been holding up in the midst of the crisis. “How are you guys handling the pandemic?” At her prompting, RM was the first to address it and didn’t hold back.

Rather than putting up a front, he admitted that it had been an emotional time for the group. RM revealed that they’d been frustrated to the point of crying, “We shed some tears. We expressed some anger.” They didn’t let it keep them down too long, though.

After giving themselves time to adjust to the situation, RM noted how they shifted their attitudes. Instead of worrying about everything they couldn’t do, they directed that energy into what they could. “But, through all that, we decided to focus on what we could do the best.” Jimin shared similar thoughts.

He confirmed RM’s original statement and voiced how frustrating it had been when realizing they couldn’t complete everything they’d been working towards. “At first, it was really tough. And I felt that we lost everything that we were doing and what we could be doing.

Because they have each other’s strength and that of fans, they were able to look on the bright side. Jimin echoed RM’s point that they’ve been keeping busy with everything they could deliver. “We’re overcoming the situation step by step by gathering together and preparing ‘Dynamite’ and the next album. We’re trying to stay positive, thinking of our fans who are waiting for us.

With how successfully “Dynamite” has been received, all of the group’s difficult times hadn’t been for nothing. Fans will eagerly accept whatever the group has to offer, as long as they’re happy and healthy doing so. Watch RM and Jimin get honest about how challenging the situation had been for them as well.