RM Reveals Jimin Studied English for 8 Hours Straight on Their Plane Ride from Brazil to London

Jimin confessed that he felt bad about RM always interpreting English for them.

BTS recently chatted with their fans over V Live where RM and Jimin appeared together to talk about various topics of being on their world tour.

During their conversation, RM took out his phone and announced, “I have something to show all of you.

What he showed their fans was a photo of Jimin sitting in a dark plane studying English.

According to RM, Jimin studied English for 8 hours straight on their plane ride from Brazil to London.

He also revealed that Jimin kept asking him questions with handwritten notes and that his vocabulary and grammar were at a very high level.

In response to RM’s reveal, Jimin shyly responded, “The truth is, I studied English because I felt bad that RM’s always interpreting for everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m already fluent in English.

Jimin also added, “I watched an animated movie over and over again and tried to understand it without subtitles.

RM expressed his amazement and gratitude for Jimin by sharing, “I thought he’d study just for a little while and then stop, but he kept studying until we got off the plane. I was touched.

Source: Insight