Jimin Sang A J-Hope Version Of Sia’s “Chandelier”, Now Fans Want More

This “cover” came out of nowhere at BTS’s prerecording.

A random new cover by BTS‘s Jimin is brightening ARMY‘s day.


On July 29, BangtanTV dropped a new behind the scenes video from BTS’s Show! Music Core recording. In it, “Slate Fairy” Jungkook became a human clapperboard and entertained himself by testing his strength.


Meanwhile, became the lighting director’s unofficial apprentice. He wanted to learn which buttons controlled the stage’s lights.


As V was checking out this camera, Jimin suddenly burst into yell-singing off-screen. He sang-shouted, “J-Hope, gonna sing” to the tune of this line from Sia‘s “Chandelier”: “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier”. 


The moment was brief but so lovable that fans are asking for a full cover!


If that cover does happen, its concept art may look something like this!