BTS Jimin Scared To Do Dangerous Dance Move That Could Injure J-Hope

This is one very dangerous dance move!

This dance move has BTS member Jimin worried he will hurt J-Hope everytime he performs it!


It’s not hard to see why he’s scared to injure J-Hope, who is lying completely still directly underneath Jinmin as Jimin performs a no-hands cartwheel.

Their heads are very close together just before he lands.


The move is part of the choreography of “We Are Bulletproof Pt 2”.


Timing is very important because if J-Hope isn’t lying flat on the floor before Jimin flips, they could both be seriously injured. Conversely, if Jimin doesnt jump far enough, his feet could land on J-Hope’s head!


The two often dance together but are rarely perform choreography as risky as this.


The level of trust they have in each other, to be able to pull this move off is truly heartwarming. But that’s BTS for you! Brothers to the end.


Watch Jimin and J-Hope nail the difficult move live:

Source: INSTIZ


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