BTS’s Jimin Playfully Scolded ARMY During A Live Broadcast

He wasn’t crazy about his new nickname.

BTS‘s Jimin loves ARMY just as much as they love him, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let them off the hook!


On October 12, Jimin went live with fans to chat about his birthday, his driver’s license, and more. At one point, a fan said they would love Jimin even he lost all his hair. Jimin playfully called out ARMY for lying.


Although he appreciates how proud his fans are of him, he doesn’t think they’d love him (as much?) if he were bald.


When another fan wrote, “I love bald Jimin“, he laughed…


…and jokingly told them to knock it off.


In fact, he nearly reported the comment!


Whether Jimin believes them of not, ARMYs know that he’ll always be in their hearts — hair or no hair!