Fans Left Speechless After Seeing This Creative Fan-Made BTS Jimin Scrapbook

“Wow, the quality is out of this world.”

BTS fans were left speechless after seeing a scrapbook of BTS’ Jimin made by an ARMY!

The ARMY who created the scrapbook stated that she created the piece of work to thank her aunt (who is also an ARMY) for taking her to BTS’ concert and as a birthday gift.


Each page of the scrapbook was filled with a creative way to showcase Jimin’s beautiful photos.


And fans were simply amazed by the amount of thought and effort that was put into the book.


Many complimented on the fan’s skills as well, calling her hands “golden”.

  • “Wow, the quality is out of this world.”
  • “Golden hands…”
  • “She’s seriously got golden hands…”
  • “Golden hands.”
  • “Her creativity and skills are daebak…How did she make that?”


Others wished they could have one for themselves.

  • “Wow…daebak I wish she’d sell that to me.”
  • “I want that…”
  • “Omg I want that…”
  • “Wow, I wanna learn how to make that.”
  • “So pretty..”


Watch the full video below:


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