BTS’s Jimin Has A Secret Weapon That He Uses To Reject Certain Fan Requests

No one can withstand Jimin when he pulls this move!

Every ARMY knows that BTS‘s Jimin has a close bond with his fans, and he showed just how close he is with them at a previous fan meeting when he politely rejected a fan’s request by pulling out his secret weapon!


One fan gifted him with an adorable headband, which she asked him to put on for her. Unfortunately, Jimin had his own personal reasons and decided to politely reject her request.


But in order to not hurt her feelings… he pulled out his secret weapon! The cutest look you’ve ever seen!


He shot the fan the cutest look ever seen that the fan couldn’t say no to!


Can we get a close up on that brutal attack?!


My heart!!


Other fans were immediately jealous that she got to see this mere inches away!


How could anyone say no to you, Jimin?


Caution: The video below may cause heart failures due to Jimin’s cuteness.


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