Jimin’s Sexy Hip Action At Muster Is Stressing Everyone Out

He’s the real reason why “Dimple” is also called “Illegal”.

If only one thing in this dishonest world is true, it’s this: Jimin‘s hips don’t “Lie”!


Oh, but they do plenty of other things. Like thrust, and sway, and make people scream, “turn on the AC right now or I’ll die!”.


If you value your life, you’ll stay far away from Jimin’s recent hip action. At BTS‘s 5th Muster in Busan, he reminded everybody why “Dimple” is also called “Illegal”, by doing this…


…and this, and


Hello, 911? Yes, it’s me again. Yes, it’s about Jimin. Yes, I am actually dying. This is a real emergency. Save me!


Fans far and wide are stressing out over Jimin’s hips…


…and this meme sums up their struggles perfectly!