Fans Spot BTS’s Jimin Out Shopping In Hong Kong

They spotted him out shopping between concerts.

These days, it’s rare to bump into BTS by chance, but a few lucky fans recently spotted Jimin out shopping in Hong Kong.


BTS are currently in Hong Kong for a 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert. The first show was held on March 20 and the fourth show will take place on March 24.


On March 22, the day after BTS’s second show, Jimin was seen at an Apple store…


…shopping for a new phone. It is unclear why Jimin was looking at phones, but some fans suspect that he may have broken his old one.


Other fans have joked about Jimin leaving his wallet lying around and his decision to go with an iPhone instead of an LG, since BTS represented LG as global brand ambassadors.


One fan wanted to know which model Jimin purchased…


…but we all remember what happened the last time a BTS member revealed his favorite brand!

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