BTS’s Jimin Sleeps With Clenched Fists And It’s The Cutest Thing You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

He keeps his fingers tucked in safe when sleeping.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, here is a little something to know about BTS Jimin‘s fists. He has the cutest set of hands that ball up into these UWU paws…

… especially when he sleeps! Jimin, when asleep, will always be spotted clenching his hands into fists like this:

And it’s the most adorable thing ARMYs have ever seen! Fans have long since noticed this habit of Jimin’s.

When they find pictures of Jimin dozing off – they can tell by checking Jimin’s hands. If they’re curled up into fists, he’s gone for sure!

Now that you know – you won’t be able to stop thinking about Jimin’s smol fists!

ARMYs have speculated a few things about what Jimin is holding on to so dearly – even in his sleep…

… and most of them agreed on “fairy dust”.

Isn’t he the most precious thing, with his hands balled up so tight, safe and sound asleep in the company of his most supportive friends? Major UWUs.


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