BTS Jimin Is So Smol, Even His Beard Is Cute

Even his beard is small and cute.

BTS‘s Jimin is the smallest of his members and is constantly being teased by his friends for his small hands and height.


He looks so small and cute next to his members.


And the difference between the size of his hands and his fellow members’s, especially V’s, is incredible.


The size of his chest and shoulders also pales in comparison to Jin‘s.


He even gets bullied by the maknae, Jungkook!


But he can escape from all kinds of situations thanks to his small body.


And now fans are noticing that even his beard is cute!


His stubble is closer to peach fuzz than actual hair…


And it only seems to enhance his smolness!


But also somehow shows off his manliness, too.


Jimin seems to be aware of his smol beard, since he joked on a live update that “later I’m going to grow a beard like this“.


But fans love his “little hair beard”!

  • “Cute little Jimin!”
  • “It’s so cute, it seems to come up when he’s tired.”
  • “So cute!”
  • “He’s so handsome… really.”
  • “Everyone loves Jimin, no matter if he can grow a beard or not.”


Clean shaven or no, Jimin can’t help how small and cute he is… or how manly!


Source: Pann Nate