BTS Jimin Spotted Crying After Going Off Pitch During Stage Performance

BTS Jimin wants to share only the absolute best with his fans.

BTS‘s Jimin broke fans’ hearts when he was spotted crying on the second episode of Burn the Stage, a documentary series dedicated to capturing BTS’s most personal behind-the-scenes moments.


Shortly after completing his “Lie” performance during the 2017 BTS Wings World Tour in Chile, Jimin broke down in frustration and stress that he had failed to do his best on stage.


Jimin claimed he “messed up” the solo performance because his voice cracked and his microphone kept slipping off.


Jimin explained in a more composed interview that he gets extremely stressed when he has a solo live performance because of the pressure to do well and put on a perfect show for his fans.


Jimin added that his throat wasn’t in the best condition and when factors add up leading him to do less than perfect, it gives him a hard time.


After watching this episode of Burn the Stage and the solo performance in Chile, fans have reacted with surprise that Jimin got so stressed over mistakes that were nearly impossible to catch.

Most fans reassured Jimin, commenting his performance was amazing nevertheless.


Watch Jimin’s live “Lie” performance from Chile here:


And the first free episode of Burn the Stage here:

Source: Dispatch