5 Super-Famous Male K-Pop Idols Once Wore The Same Turtleneck But Served Totally Different Vibes

5 kings, 1 turtleneck!

GOT7‘s BamBamBIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, DAY6‘s Jae, BTS‘s Jimin, and Suga might seem like they couldn’t be more different, but these five men actually have quite a few things in common. They’re all K-Pop superstars from four of the best and most legendary boy groups of all time.

From left: DAY6’s Jae, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, GOT7’s BamBam, BTS’s Jimin and Suga | JYP Entertainment & Always-GD & ABYSS Company & Naver x Dispatch & BigHit Music

They’re also fashion icons with a unique sense of style with bold choices!

From left: Jae, G-Dragon, Jimin, BamBam, and Suga | JYP Entertainment & Always-GD & BigHit Music & Sudsapda & BigHit Music

Still, their style choices might overlap at some times. There was one time that they rocked the same shirt that not many could pull off.

The shirt in question is the “A/W 2001 Riot Riot Riot Patched Sweater” from Raf Simons. This striped turtleneck is one of the most iconic looks worn by any idol. Since it’s been a few years since they wore it, it’s clearly sold out by now but can be found from secondhand sellers for about $14,000 USD (no big deal).

| Raf Simons

When GOT7 guested on episode 220 of MBC M‘s variety show Weekly Idol back in 2015, BamBam stood out from the crowd with this shirt.

The combination of black skinny jeans and shoes with ginger hair gave him a fun punk rocker look. Still, his attitude was anything but his usual funloving self, which shines the most!

BamBam | MBC M

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has also been spotted a few times wearing the same shirt! Of course, G-Dragon never goes halfway with anything, so naturally, his outfit had an effortless edge to it too.

G-Dragon | YG Entertainment

When he has worn this turtleneck, he has almost always paired it with large black sunglasses and simple silver earrings. His ripped black jeans give it that final edge that perfectly goes with the Raf Simons aesthetic of the sweater. Lastly, his slightly disheveled coif is what really makes him look the rockstar we all recognize GD to be!

BTS’s Jimin has also been known to wear a few striped tops, but this is one of the most memorable. He shared a selfie with ARMY, wearing the top in 2016. While he kept it simple, his raven black hair was all that was really needed for this iconic look. Like G-Dragon, he wore some small silver hooped earrings, completing the look that’s equally sexy and sophisticated.

Jimin | BTS_twt/Twitter

He must have loved this turtleneck quite a lot, too, because Jimin not only had the top in red but also in gray, which gave a totally different vibe in itself. Not only that, but he opted for bright orange hair instead, making it even bolder than his previous ensemble. He wore it for a 2016 Puma ad.

| BTS_twt/Twitter

Jimin was not the only one from BTS who rocked the Raf Simons shirt either. Suga appeared in the red version of the turtleneck at their Kobe concert in 2016.


Pairing it with a R.SHEMISTE bomber jacket gave it a funky vibe that was unique from everyone else. This look sure is “Fire!”

Lastly, DAY’s Jae was spotted wearing the gray version of the turtleneck at one of the band’s Every DAY6 February concerts in 2017.


Similar to Suga, he wore it layered. He wore a button-up on top of the turtleneck and accessorized with glasses giving it a much more boyfriend next door feel that you can’t help but love!

While all five idols served totally different vibes despite wearing the same turtleneck, there’s no dying that they all rocked it!

Same Fit, Different Vibes

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