Fans Love This Reunion Between BTS’s Jimin and Tony Jones

Chim Chim + Tony Jones = one wholesome bromance!

BTS‘s American Hustle Life ended four years ago, but the special friendship between Jimin and hip-hop artist Tony Jones lives on.


American Hustle Life aired in 2014, making it one of BTS’s earliest reality shows. The show took place in Los Angeles and followed the members as they trained with hip-hop tutors, such as Coolio and Warren G.


Although there’s much to love about this show, Jimin’s friendship with Tony was especially memorable.


These two friends hit it off right from the beginning, and had some of the most heartwarming interactions on the show.


Tony is the one who gave Jimin his iconic “ChimChim” nickname, which is still used today…

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…often in the form of memes!


Since American Hustle Life concluded filming, BTS and Tony have met a couple of times. Once was in 2015, during Tony’s trip to Korea.


After seeing this iconic reunion photo, fans wanted more, and they finally got it a year later. In 2016, Tony and BTS were once again reunited at a restaurant, following KCON in LA.


The hip-hop teacher greeted each one of his former students with love, but one particular student was especially happy to see him.


After getting his hug, Jimin hung back and waited for Tony to finish greeting the other BTS members…


…so that he could spend a few more moments with him. Jimin’s and Tony’s reunion was short but sweet, and it filled ARMYs hearts with nostalgia.


Even though Tony and Chim Chim don’t see each other much in person these days, Tony supports BTS from afar. He tweeted out this message in 2017, to congratulate BTS on their BBMA win.


Time has passed, but BTS fans still consider Tony to be a true member of the BTS family. They have shown their love and gratitude for Tony by supporting his music and achievements over the years.


ARMYs are hoping for another reunion between Jimin and Tony in the future…


…and maybe even a collab!


To see the whole heartwarming reunion, check out the clip here.