BTS’s Jimin And TXT’s Soobin Radiate Sibling Energy With Sudden Wrestling Match

It came so naturally to them.

BTS‘s Jimin is so fond of his little brothers in TXT that he was the first one to claim them as being their kids. As the two groups grow closer, they’re becoming more and more like the family they call themselves.

During the interview portion of the Big Hit Entertainment photo shoot, Lee Hyun asked Soobin to name who his favorite senior was, letting him whisper it to make him more comfortable with revealing it. Since Soobin had been holding the microphone close, he then had to pass it to the next person.

Jimin reached for the microphone, holding it one of his hands to take over. That’s when he encountered a funny problem. Soobin had let go of it, but only with one hand. As he was speaking to Lee Hyun, his left hand was still attached to it.

Realizing what he was doing, Soobin removed his left hand. Although that would’ve usually been the end, a wrestling match over the microphone began. Instead, his other hand latched onto it. Jimin looked down at their hands, trying to figure out what was happening. He then took matters into his own hands—literally.

Since Jimin couldn’t pull the microphone away from Soobin, he reached out and pulled it away, successfully separating them. Soobin didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands afterward, resting one on Jimin’s shoulder and leaving the other on his knee, reaching for his elbow.

Getting into a mini wrestling match over a microphone? That sounds like something only siblings would be able to come up with. It’s made even funnier by the way Soobin is latching onto Jimin like a big baby.

Interactions between BTS and TXT are always as adorable and funny as you’d expect them to be. Watch Jimin and Soobin go at it here.