BTS Jimin Has An Unusual Habit You May Not Know About

BTS Jimin‘s ballet past came to light fairly recently and fans have since begun to notice that there are a few things that he can’t seem to help but do.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the video of Jimin’s ballet dancing during his pre-debut years when it first surfaced and now they’ve begun noticing patterns in his behavior that they believe link back to that past. Jimin probably thought that the talk of his ballet years faded, but netizens are still just as interested in his ballet dancing as ever.

This time what gave Jimin away was the way that he stands. It has been noticed that Jimin prefers to stand in such a way that it looks like he might plié at any moment.

Check out these pictures of Jimin’s unusual stance:

You can see his plié position, heels together and feet pointed outwards.

Jimin may be about to board a plane, but who says he can’t dance his way on board?

This may not be a typical ballet outfit, but that doesn’t stop Jimin from looking like he might break out into a routine at any moment.

Jimin stands in a modified 3rd position in his military outfit and ballet fans are just waiting for him to bust out some of his sweet moves.