BTS’s Jimin And V Had A Cute Dialect Speaking Moment On Stage And It’s The Best Thing You’ve Heard

Who else has the video on replay?

BTS‘s Jimin and V had the time of their lives interacting with their fans in Busan, Korea for their 5th Muster “Magic Shop” fan meeting event. And when they couldn’t hold back their excitement, they started blurting out their hometown dialects on stage – and it’s sweeping ARMYs off their feet!


In this short clip, Jimin can be heard shouting at V in his Busan dialect. He excitedly claims, “Taehyung! I’m having such a good time!” To which V responded in his Geochang (Gyeongsang Province) dialect, “Dude, you having fun?”

Jimin: Taehyung, I’m having such a good time!

V: Dude, you having fun?

Jimin: Yes, I love this so much!

V: Yeah? Should we just lose it and go crazy!?


The conversation carried on in their dialects. Jimin and V continued to express their excitement to be there, on stage, in Busan, with their fans. In fact, they get so overwhelmed with love and thrill that they had to hug it out!


And ARMYs, who don’t get to hear Jimin and V speak in dialect everyday, immediately fell in love with the boys’ cheekiness!