BTS’s Jimin And V Finally Fulfilled A Promise To Each Other In Fukuoka

“V, let’s go to Fukuoka Dome one day.” – Jimin

Years ago, when BTS‘s careers were just beginning, Jimin and V made a promise to each other. On February 16, that promise was finally fulfilled in Fukuoka, Japan.


Back when BTS were still rookies, the members had no idea how many astounding accomplishments they would achieve by 2019. In those days, performing in Japan’s famous Fukuoka Yahuoku Dome was only a dream, one that Jimin and V hoped would come true.


On Day 1 of BTS’s Fukuoka concert, during the Ending Ment, Jimin shed tears while talking about the promise he made with V.


“First time, here in Fukuoka Dome,” he told ARMYs. “Actually, there are many memories before we get to here…”


“Long time ago, I used to go out for a walk with V, walking around and wondering…”


“V, let’s go to Fukuoka Dome one day.”


After many hardships and triumphs, that dream finally became reality, and now it will live on forever as a treasured memory.


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