BTS Fans Mistake A Hollywood Couple For Jimin And V

Wait. That’s NOT Vmin?

BTS fans would recognize Jimin and anywhere, but one video clip is making ARMYs doubt their eyes!

V and Jimin

In this video, actor Tom Holland shares a sweet moment with his Spiderman co-star and girlfriend, singer-actress Zendaya.

Tom Holland and Zendaya | Steve Cohn/Shutterstock

As they walk together, Tom Holland pats Zendaya’s back…

…and pulls her into a sweet hug.

At first glance, ARMYs mistook “Tomdaya” for “Vmin,” and it’s easy to see why.

The height difference between Tom Holland and Zendaya is comparable to that of Jimin and V. Tom Hollard looks mind-bogglingly similar to Jimin from behind, and Zendaya’s outfit wouldn’t look out of place in V’s closet.

V at the airport.

Moreover, Jimin often hugs and pats his members’ backs to comfort them.

Jimin patting V’s back.   

Even his TinyTAN character shares this habit!

Jimin’s TinyTAN character comforting V’s. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

So, if your eyes are playing tricks on you, just know you’re not alone!