BTS’s Jimin Goes Viral For His Amazing Balance And Impressive Strength

“Park Jimin’s strength is insane!”

Of the many moments from BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concert dates that made fans go crazy, Jimin went viral by showing off his perfect balance and sheer strength.


While still hitting every note, Jimin sang as he balanced himself on one single leg, crossing one over the other.

Still singing, Jimin impressed fans by going even lower without breaking a sweat.

Reaching his limit, Jimin didn’t stop and lower himself to the floor. He instead proved his strength by going all the way back up while still balancing on one leg.

The small display of Jimin’s balance and strength quickly racked up a million views, with fans complimenting him on how “insane” and “crazy” his strength is.

Park Jimin!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Fan

To hold that pose for so long without taking a breather isn’t something just anyone can do. All of Jimin’s exercise and skill is paying off in a major way.

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