Why Did BTS’s Jimin Want Braces?

He’s considering his future.

Fans love BTS Jimin‘s imperfectly perfect front teeth, but his “xylitol” tooth might be forced to fall back in line with the rest.

Jimin | V LIVE 

In a past live broadcast, Jimin shared he was considering getting braces to correct his teeth. Although Jimin was content to leave his teeth alone, knowing ARMY likes them the way they are, he felt he had to protect his teeth from further damage.


Jimin revealed that he has chipped and broken his teeth more than once by hitting them on his microphone. His upper teeth have been jarred loose several times from impact. He has even had one of his front teeth repaired after cracking it three times with his microphone.


Shortly after, fans created edits of what Jimin might look like with braces. Isn’t he cute?

| @muffinoworld/Twitter