BTS Jimin’s Wish Came True In “Run BTS!”

It was related to Bang Si Hyuk!

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, BTS‘s Jimin made a wish, and it ended up coming true!

BTS’s Jimin

BTS played a game called “Figure Quiz,” where they had to quickly name the celebrities shown to them. Several members struggled with this game, especially Jimin! Jimin’s fellow members teased him whenever he failed!

Jimin was struggling quite a bit, and he wanted to get a celebrity he could quickly identify, such as Bang Si Hyuk, the president of BTS’s agency (HYBE).

Bang Si Hyuk

In a later round of the game, Jimin’s wish came true as he got Bang Si Hyuk! However, the image shown wasn’t an actual photo of Bang Si Hyuk, but a simple drawing of Bang Si Hyuk that originated from Jungkook in 2014. Despite this, Jimin immediately recognized that it was Bang Si Hyuk!

BTS Jungkook’s drawing of Bang Si Hyuk

It looks like luck was on Jimin’s side!

Source: Run BTS!