BTS Jimin’s Former Homeroom Teacher Revealed What He Was Really Like In Middle School

A Korean forum user revealed how Jimin was like in middle school!

A post on a popular Korean forum garnered much interest from netizens because the user shared stories of BTS‘s Jimin from when he was in middle school!

The user, who was a high school student, shared that their science teacher used to be Jimin’s middle school homeroom teacher.

When Jimin used to live in Busan, my high school science teacher was his homeroom teacher when he was in his 3rd year of middle school… The teacher has so many stories… I’m so shocked… Jimin’s dad even came to school to give the teacher BTS’s new album… Jimin’s ‘life teacher’ that he always mentions is my high school science teacher… I still don’t believe it…

— Netizen

They then shared some of the stories that their teacher had shared with the class about Jimin. According to the teacher, Jimin did well in school despite coming from an underprivileged background.

Some stories about Jimin, when he was in middle school, the area that he lived was a bit of a harsh environment to study in. During his 3rd year of middle school, I think [my teacher] mentioned he was the class president(?)

— Netizen

He did so well, in fact, that Jimin’s dad had high hopes for him with his studies. This was also why his dad was shocked to discover that Jimin wanted to pursue a career in the arts.

Jimin’s dad originally wanted him to be a government official, but in his 3rd year of middle school, Jimin suddenly wanted to attend an arts high school. With those grades! Jimin’s dad was so shocked, he would go to Jimin’s school for consultations.

— Netizen

With the help of his teacher, however, Jimin was able to persuade his dad. Apparently, Jimin worked very hard to be able to pursue his dreams.

So Jimin and my teacher persuaded Jimin’s dad. Also, my teacher would send Jimin out to dance competitions. According to the teacher, Jimin was full of sheer will and hard work, and he would have succeeded in whatever career he chose. My teacher wants us students to learn from Jimin lol.

— Netizen

The user also revealed why the teacher believed that Jimin should pursue a career in dancing.

Also, before Jimin decided to go to an arts high school, Jimin was really good at dancing. Our teacher saw him dancing one day, and told him he should attend an arts high school. If it wasn’t for our teacher, who even persuaded Jimin’s dad, Jimin might be working as a government official right now lol

— Netizen

Finally, the user revealed that the teacher and Jimin are still close. He has even taken time off of his busy schedule to help his favorite teacher impact other struggling students.

A few years ago, there was a girl that was struggling in school. She told our teacher that she would raise her grades if she could video call with Jimin. So our teacher video called Jimin, and the girl danced in front of the cell phone lol. Jimin told the girl ‘Oh, I don’t think you should pursue dancing. Please study hard!’ That girl is now a senior in high school, and she is one of the top students.

— Netizen

It’s a good thing Jimin was able to meet a teacher who was able to help him achieve his goals!