BTS Jimin’s Phone Call With His Best Friend Ha Sungwoon Will Brighten Your Day

Ha Sungwoon could count on his friend Jimin to help him out.

If there’s a mission, and you want to win it, who you gonna call? BTS‘s Jimin!

Jimin and Ha Sungwoon have been friends for years, and like any true friends, they’re happy to help each other out.

In an episode of Under Quiz, Ha Sungwoon was given a phone mission; he had to call a friend and get them to say, “I’m happy.” Ha Sungwoon called up BFF Jimin, who sounded confused at first.

Jimin: Hello?

Ha Sung Woon: Hey Jimin, are you happy?

Jimin: What? What? All of the sudden?

Jimin quickly realized what was going on. He cheerfully said, “Ahh. I-I’m happy!”, completing Ha Sung Woon’s mission. “It was the right response.” 

“If you’re happy, I’m happy,” Ha Sung Woon replied sweetly. He explained the mission to Jimin, then told him why he thought it would be an easy one.

Yesterday and today, do you remember how we talked about how I want you to be happy? That’s why I thought this mission would be very easy.

— Ha Sung Woon

This isn’t the first time Jimin helped Ha Sung Woon with a phone mission. In September, Ha Sung Woon called Jimin on Naver NOW’s Late Night Idol. When Ha Sungwoon said, “I love you”, Jimin said it right back, completing Ha Sung Woon’s mission.

Check out Ha Sungwoon’s phone mission with Jimin here: